Municipal and regional governments have a tremendous influence on the availability of licensed child care services in Ontario. Municipalities administer the taxpayer dollars earmarked by the Province of Ontario to help families access licensed child care programs and are responsible for a host of other policies such as zoning and by-laws that make it easier or more difficult for licensed child care programs to open, grow and thrive. There are 47 municipal regions in Ontario, each with its own set of rules, regulations, paperwork requirements and policies for the operation of licensed child care centres. In addition to making funding, purchase of service and other decisions for all of the commercial, non-profit and school-based child care programs within their jurisdictions, some municipalities own and operate their own licensed child care centres.
As an industry association, ADCO functions primarily at the provincial and federal levels representing Ontario's independent licensed child care programs--both commerical and non-profit. ADCO's focus is on issues that are common to all independent licensed child care programs in Ontario. ADCO does, however, help its members with regional and local initiatives by putting licensed child care programs in the affected areas in touch with one another, so that they may organize as needed to meet the needs of the families they serve. ADCO may also provide these local groups with relevent industry information and professional contacts. If there is a regional issue that you would like to draw to ADCO's attention, please email

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