Of the ADCO members who own their centres, roughly half are Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs). Others are Ontario Certified Teachers, Montessori teachers, or have credentials in child development. Many are also parents, motivated to create the kinds of centres they wish they could have found for their own children. Over the years, many such members have told us that membership in ADCO has helped them keep pace with changes in the sector and acquire the entrepreneurship, business and leadership skills they needed to be successful. ADCO welcomes all aspiring child care owner/operators to join the Association at any point during the start-up process. 

Why build your career at an independent licensed child care centre?Independent licensed child care programs, whether run as non-profits or as small businesses, offer RECEs a wealth of opportunities that larger institutional child care employers can't. Some of the benefits of working with an independent licensed child care program include:   · You are an essential member of a smaller staff team where people truly care about you.· Your skills and ideas are valued and appreciated..· You have more autonomy over your classroom.· You have direct access to the boss, so can advocate more effectively for the children in your care.· You'll usually have better access to special needs supports, resources and equipment.· You'll usually have more opportunities to enhance the work environment and contribute to the centre's overall culture and quality.


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