April 3, 2024--The Epoch Times  

"ANALYSIS: As Ottawa's Power Over Child Care Has Grown, So Have Deficits and Wait Lists"--Tara MacIsaac

ADCO offers feedback on recent federal expansion announcement and explains why it may not be enough to keep centres in the program

February 19, 2024--The Epoch Times  

"Until Parents Demand Better, There Won't Be A Plan To Fix The Child Care System"--Andrea Hannen

ADCO calls on provinces to re-assert their leadership role in child care, not just ask for more money

February 6, 2024--House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women (FEWO) 

"Is there a future for child care entrepreneurs in Canada?"--FEWO study of Women's Economic Empowerment

ADCO asserts that nationalization of Canada's child care sector harms all women (starts at 12:09 on the counter)

January 16, 2024--CFPL 980 News, London

"Are Child-Care Operators in Danger of Closing?"-- The Morning Show with Devon Peacock

ADCO explains why so many licensed centres are struggling to keep their doors open and what needs to happen to fix it

December 5, 2023--CFPL 980 News, London

"The $10-a-day child care so far and what the passage of Bill C-35 means to families"-- The Morning Show with Devon Peacock

ADCO evaluates the program's roll-out to date and what needs to happen next to get better outcomes for families 

September 28, 2023--The Epoch Times

"Families Cut From $10-A-Day Child Care Program Unlikely To Get Answers"--Andrea Hannen

ADCO's discusses the risks of putting three levels of government bureaucracy between parents and access to child care 

September 12, 2023--Ottawa Citizen

"Defunding of Lanark Home Child Care Program Short-Sighted But Not Surprising"--Andrea Hannen

ADCO unpacks the real agenda behind the County's sudden termination of its contract with a woman-owned small business 

August 28, 2023--Ottawa Citizen

"About 300 families told daycare costs will double in two weeks"--Elizabeth Payne

ADCO cautions that Lanark County chaos could be just the tip of the iceberg

May 5, 2023--CFPL 980 News, London

"$10-a-day child care could cause centres to close"-- The Morning Show with Devon Peacock

ADCO explains how flaws in Bill C-35 could cause centres to close 

April 24, 2023--The Agenda, TVO

"Is the federal child care plan working for Ontario?"-- Steve Paikin/Cara Stern

ADCO urges the Province to ensure funding for diverse child care service models

February 24, 2023--CBC Radio, London

"Now that daycare is cheaper, demand is up: are working parents being squeezed out?" --Rebecca Zandbergen

ADCO weighs in on an unintended consequence of the "universal" approach to child care

February 17, 2023--CKCO News, Kitchener

"Staff shortages impacting childcare centres in Waterloo region" --Stephanie Villella

ADCO notes that staffing shortages are province-wide and worsened by the CWELCC

February 15, 2023--National Post

"Daycare Plan Wanting"--Kim Yeaman (ADCO), letter to the editor

Centre owner explains how government-directed care is already beginning to fail some Ontario families.

February 1, 2023--National Post

"Child Care Concerns"--Andrea Hannen (ADCO), letter to the editor

ADCO provides reality check about CWELCC implementation

November 16, 2022--Equal Times Magazine

"In Canada, a historic move towards a nationwide childcare system draws praise and criticism"--Ray Mwareya

ADCO points out the waiting list risks of trying to roll-out the Quebec model of care across Canada

November 1, 2022--CBC News

"Will you get a rebate on your child's care in Ontario?"--Allison Jones

ADCO member explains how centres need to express interest in opting in to get key details

November 1, 2022--Globe and Mail  

"Ontario's deadline to opt-in to national child care program is November 1"--Dave McGuinn

ADCO reiterates need for clarity on funding terms and conditions

November 1, 2022--CBC Radio, Ontario Morning  

"The debate over $10/day child care continues in Ontario"--Ramraajh Sharvendiran

ADCO offers commentary on why centres have or have not signed up for the federal $10/day child care program

November 1, 2022--CBC Radio, The Morning Edition--K-W  

"Why some child care centres didn't sign up to offer services for $10 per day"--Craig Norris

ADCO notes that commitment to specialized learning programs prevented some centres from signing on

October 31, 2022--CFPL 980 News, London 

"The deadline to opt-in to Ontario's $10-a-day child care program is November 1st" --The Morning Show with Devon Peacock 

ADCO explains some of the complexities involved in Ontario's child care roll-out.

October 24, 2022--680 CFRA News Talk Radio, Ottawa 

"Are we getting closer to $10 day care?"--Bill Carroll, Morning Rush

ADCO highlights lack of sustainability in $10/day child care plan

October 21, 2022--Globe & Mail, Global News, Toronto Star & Elsewhere 

"Ontario changes funding rules in a bid to boost $10-a-day child-care program uptake"--Allison Jones, Canadian Press

ADCO explains need for full transparency for each year of the federal funding agreement

October 14, 2022--Toronto Sun

"Recruit and Recognize"--Letters to the Editor

ADCO responds to recent Canadian Press news item regarding child care staffing issues

August 19, 2022--Toronto Star

"Ontario considers new ways to fund $10/day care in bid to boost uptake"--Allison Jones

ADCO notes that both commercial and not-for-profit centres cite inflation as a concern

August 14, 2022--Toronto Star

"Where's your $10 daycare? How Canada's child-care rollout is going so far"--Jeremy Nuttall

ADCO explains how Ontario's overly bureaucratic approach has made some centres reluctant to sign on 

August 11, 2022--Toronto Sun

"Some day care providers unsure about joining federal-provincial deal" --Scott Laurie

ADCO notes that tight deadline and lack of information is preventing centres from opting into $10/day child care program

July 28, 2022--CBC News Kitchener-Waterloo

"Most Waterloo region child-care centres expected to opt into $10-a-day program, region says"--Kate Bueckert

ADCO says more information is needed before child care licensees can assess the impacts of the $10/day on program quality, viability

July 20, 2022--CTV News Kitchener 

"Only 1 out of 65 childcare providers in Waterloo region have signed on to $10-a-day plan"--Krista Sharpe

ADCO calls on government to extend opt-in/opt-out deadline, noting decision to link parent rebates to centre sign-up is unfortunate.

July 13, 2022--Toronto Star 

"What is not being said about the national day care roll-out"--Andrea Hannen (ADCO) and Tracey Carter (CCMA)  

ADCO and the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators provide a reality check about why neither commercial centres nor not-for-profits are rushing to join the $10/day program

July 12, 2022--Global News

"Ontario child care rebates starting to roll out but program remains a ‘patchwork’"--Allison Jones, Canadian Press

ADCO cites operator concerns about municipal micro-management, lack of standardized contracts as barriers to participating in $10/day program.

July 6, 2022--Newmarket News

"Most Child Care Operators Yet To Opt In To $10/Day Program"--Joseph Quigley

ADCO explains that while centres would like to lower fees, the tight timeframe to decide may push some to opt-out of the $10/day plan.

June 8, 2022--National Post, Northern News, Sudbury Star & other affiliates

"'It Keeps Me Up At Night': Child Care Providers In Ontario Unsure If They Will Opt In To Federal Plan"--Catherine Levesque

ADCO reps discuss the uncertainty child care owner/operators feel about the proposed $10/day child care program, why some centres may be forced to opt out and why they may need more time to decide.

March 30, 2022--CityNews (Ottawa)

"Ontario Needs Over 86,000 Child Care Spaces To Meet Demand With Lower Fees: Advocates"--Canadian Press (Allison Jones)

ADCO points out that by opening up child care expansion to all types of child care operations--commercial and not-for-profit--Ontario is better positioned to create new spaces than some other provinces.

March 29, 2022--Globe & Mail

"Ontario Needs Over 86,000 Child Care Spaces to Meet Demand With Lower Fees Say Advocates"-- Canadian Press (Allison Jones)

ADCO executive director notes that with demand increasing and the time it takes to create a new child care space, including private operators is critical.

March 28, 2022--Toronto Star

"Child Care Deal Happy News For Families, But Will There Be Enough Spots?"--Brendan Kennedy

ADCO makes the case that if the new child care deal hadn't included both commercial and not-for-profit child care programs, a lot of families would have been left out.

March 28, 2022--CTV News, Barrie

"Simcoe-Muskoka Families To Benefit From New Ontario Child Care Deal"--Catalina Gillies

ADCO celebrates focus on parental choice and the importance of parents being able to choose care that fits their philosophy, location and budget.

March 28, 2022--CP24 

"Ontario and Feds Ink $10/day deal, Here's What Parents Need To Know"--Chris Fox

ADCO congratulates Ontario government for taking steps to help all families access child care that meets their needs.

March 7, 2022--Toronto Star

"With Deadline Looming, Why Hasn't Ontario Signed a Child Care Deal Yet?" by Brendan Kennedy

ADCO makes the point that all of Ontario's licensed child care programs, both commercial and not-for-profit, will be needed to meet the increased demand for licensed child care that is likely to result from the Province signing onto the $10/day program.

February 3, 2022--CTV News Toronto

Consumer Alert with Pat Foran

ADCO weighs in on the challenges and cost pressures facing parents and child care operators as they follow public health measures related to the Omicron variant, noting that no centre wants to charge fees for services that can't be provided and that parents should contact their local municipalities for solutions.

January 5, 2022--CBC Radio

Up North with Jonathan Pinto

ADCO member offers listeners a sense of how child care licensees are coping with the additional pressures brought on by Omicron and changes to the Provincial PCR testing protocols.

January 4, 2022--CHML 900

Good Morning Hamilton with Rick Zamperin

ADCO offers a practical perspective on what lack of access to COVID testing means for staffing levels in Ontario's licensed child care centres and how it is resulting in service interruptions for families. (The conversation starts at approximately 8:45 on the counter.)

December 9, 2021--Toronto Sun

Letters to the Editor--"Dealing with Daycare"

ADCO provides an overview of Ontario's child care sector, including the number of centres run as small businesses, and why practicality dictates that Ontario keep pushing for a federal deal that includes all families.

December 8, 2021--Toronto Sun

Letters to the Editor--"Daycare Dilemma" 

Longtime ADCO member Kim Yeaman weighs in on why Ontario must keep negotiating for a federal child care deal that includes all families and all licensed centres, including those run as small businesses.

November 22, 2021--Hamilton Spectator

"Hamilton Examines Signing Child Care Deal Directly With Federal Government" by Kevin Werner

ADCO expresses support for Provincial government's efforts to get the right deal for Ontario even it if takes more time, noting that the wrong deal could mean fewer spaces and higher costs for both families and taxpayers.

November 17, 2021--CHML 900

Good Morning Hamilton with Rick Zamperin

ADCO weighs in on some of the factors involved as the Province of Ontario negotiates a child care deal with the federal government. The conversation starts at 6:56 on the counter: Good Morning Hamilton with Rick Zamperin | Global News

July 27, 2021--Globe and Mail

Letter to the Editor re: "Ontario, Not Quebec Holds Model for Child Care"

In response to an article the paper published that attempted to goad Doug Ford into signing onto the proposed federal child care plan, ADCO highlighted the real costs of increasing "public planning and management in the sector"

July 25, 2021--CP24 

"Some Parents, Child Care Providers Call For Updated Covid Rules" 

CP Reporter Allison Jones spoke with several ADCO members, as she explore the impact on the Ministry of Education's Covid Guidelines on licensed child care centres, children and families, pointing out that these rules hadn't changed for over a year, despite the fact that other sectors of the economy were moving into Stage 3 of reopening.

Some parents, child-care providers call for updates to COVID rules |

June 23, 2021--Cardus Exit COVID Live Broadcast 

"Toward What Matters Most"

ADCO was pleased to be part of this thoughtful Canada-wide discussion about what was learned during COVID and where Canada should direct its focus post-pandemic. In this segment, ADCO explains how viewing child care through a public-sector-only lens excludes many families and how this challenge can be addressed.

May 28, 2021--Financial Post

"The Private Sector is Essential to a National Child Care Plan" 

Journalist Peter Shawn Taylor explores why commercial child care centres need to be part of the Trudeau government's "feminist budget." Several ADCO member centres are featured.

November 4, 2020--Newstalk 1010, Toronto

News feature by Lucas Meyer

ADCO explains how Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) has contributed to loss of licensed child care centres

July 28, 2020--CFRA 580 Ottawa

Morning Rush with Bill Carroll--Matt Harris Hosting

ADCO explains why flowing child care funding through municipalities is delaying child care reopening (ADCO segment begins at 1:46:10).

July 27, 2020--Toronto Star

"Inconsistent Funding Delays Day Care Reopening In Some Areas"

ADCO explains that centres can't reopen until municipalities actually pay out promised Provincial funds for child care reopening.

July 27, 2020--CTV News Barrie

"Day Cares Prepare To Welcome More Children" 

ADCO member discusses steps involved in child care reopening and how funding issues are holding some centres back

July 20, 2020--CHTV News

"Day Cares Waiting To Find Out What Will Happen With Schools in September" by Lisa Hepfner

ADCO explains why more day cares aren't open and why a firm Provincial back-to-school plan is needed

June 30, 2020--Global News

"Child Care Providers Say Ontario Government's Efforts To Help Falling Far Short," by Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press

ADCO explains why so many licensed child care centres still haven't been able to reopen.

June 12, 2020--St. Catharines Standard

"Daycares Need A Few More Weeks To Reopen--Regional Official"

ADCO describes the challenges of reopening with higher costs when Provincial "sustainability funding" still hasn't made it to centres.

June 11, 2020--National Post

"Most Child Care Centre Unlikely To Reopen Friday," by Allison Jones

ADCO explains how Provincial announcement but no funding for child care leaves owner/operators having to say "no" to parents

June 11, 2020--580 CRFA Ottawa--the Morning Rush with Bill Carroll

"Will Child Care Reopen This Friday?"

ADCO explains how the Provincial delays in delivering promised "sustainability funding" are hindering the reopening of licensed child care centres when new rules for child care reopening mean staff costs are doubled and revenues are reduced to a third of what they were pre-pandemic. (The ADCO segment is about two minutes into the clip below.)

June 10, 2020--CTV News, Barrie

"Day Cares Surprised By Reopening"

ADCO board member outlines why many licensed child care centres won't reopen this Friday thanks to the lack of timely Provincial guidance around reopening.

June 10, 2020--CKLW  AM800 Windsor--The Afternoon News with Patty Handysides and Kathy McMann

"Day Cares Wonder How To Open Safely"

Past President of ADCO explains how the provincial Government has failed child care licensees and parents in its lack of planning and funding for the reopening of Ontario's licensed child care centres.

June 9, 2020--Globe and Mail

"Ontario Child Care Centres Allowed To Reopen Friday With Strict Guidelines" by Laura Stone

ADCO board member discusses Provincial government's lack of planning around child care reopening and failure to follow through on promised "sustainability funding" to help centres reopen.

May 1, 2020--CTV News Toronto

"East York Day Care Fears It Won't Make It Through COVID-19 Closure"

ADCO notes how discriminatory funding practices at the municipal level have put many smaller centres at risk of permanent closure due to COVID-19

April 21, 2020--The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll, 580 CFRA Ottawa

"ADCO Talks Child Care Fees, COVID-19 and the Need for Provincial Funding"

ADCO board member discusses how lack of Provincial action to sustain licensed centres during COVID-19 led to some centres having to charge fees and means some centres may not re-open at all. The ADCO clip comes about three minutes and 20 seconds into the segment.

April 17, 2020--Globe And Mail

"In Some Provinces Parents Are Paying Thousands to Shuttered Day Cares To Keep Their Child's Spots"

ADCO is quoted in this piece expressing its hope that "the Province will officially recognize the unique challenges facing Ontario's licensed child care centres and announce a plan to ensure that every centre that has had to close due to COVID-19 survives long enough to re-open."

April 14, 2020--Ontario Morning with Wei Chen, CBC Radio One

"Kim Yeaman of Simcoe Child Care Services Talks Child Care Fees, COVID-19 and the Need for Provincial Funding"

ADCO member discusses how federal and municipal funding measures aren't enough to save all centres. The ADCO segment is about 10 minutes into the clip:

April 12, 2020--Toronto Sun

"Smaller Child Care Centres Likely To Be Casualties of COVID-19"

ADCO emphasizes need for leadership and action to stabilize Ontario's licensed child care sector

January 26, 2020--Toronto Sun

"Province Needs To Optimize Childcare Investments"

ADCO offers suggestions for creating more licensed spaces at lower cost

July 28, 2019--Toronto Sun

"More child care centres in schools won't help parents"

ADCO explains how outdated Provincial policies make child care more expensive and harder to find

May 12, 2019--Toronto Sun

"Municipal waste drives up child care costs"

ADCO explains how some municipalities waste the taxpayer dollars allocated to child care

May 7,

"Want quality child-care in Simcoe County? You'll wait, experts say"

ADCO board member offers insight into the need for Provincial child care reform

February 3, 2019--Toronto Sun

"Time to restore child care choice"

ADCO explains why the Liberal FDK program must go and offers a viable alternative

October 18, 2018--Toronto Sun

"City policy leaves hundreds of daycare spots unfilled, say private operators"

ADCO explains how families get hurt when the City plays favourites

August 24, 2018--National Post

"A daycare expelled this B.C. couple's four-year-old son after he accused staff of hitting him"

ADCO board member offers insight into rarity of day care expulsions

March 22, 2018--Toronto Sun--Letters to the Editor

"Not Child's Play"

ADCO Operations Manager outlines the Wynne record on child care.

December 13, 2017--CTV News

"Daycare Services Raising Prices"

ADCO member explains challenges posed by Provincial funding cuts to licensed centres.

June 5, 2017--Huffington Post

"Why The Negativity Around For-Profit Child Care?"

ADCO stresses the importance of encouraging entrepreneurs in licensed child care.

December 15, 2016--Toronto Sun

"Child Care Costs Hit Canadian Wallets"

ADCO explains how municipal and Provincial policies drive up the cost of delivering licensed child care.

September 14, 2016--CTV News, Barrie

"Child Care Promise" 

ADCO notes that recently announced Provincial funding will go further if independent licensed child care programs are included in Ministry's plan to create 100,000 new spaces by 2022.

August 3,

"Fees will soon be gone from child care waiting lists in Ontario, but spaces still too scarce and unaffordable"

ADCO offers reporter Mike Adler background on wait list fees and encourages Province to fast-track new license applications

February 25, 2016--CTV News, Barrie

"The future of child care"

The Government's new regulatory proposals could mean fewer spaces and higher fees warn day care owners

February 23, 2016--CTV News, Barrie

"Long wait lists and planning"

Shortage of infant, toddler and preschool spaces means families have to plan for child care several years ahead of time

June 23, 2015--National Post

"More than 'expensive day care'? Jury still out on whether Ontario's full-day kindergarten program has paid off"

Government's FDK roll-out resulted in centre closures says ADCO Operations Manager

November 14, 2014--Toronto Star

"Child care bill wrong-headed"

ADCO Operations Manager Cautions Against Municipal Veto on Child Care Licenses

November 10, 2014--CTV News Toronto"Number of affordable day care spots shrinking as fees in GTA tops Canada"ADCO member speaks out about how Government-run FDK put her out of business after 29 years

November 6, 2014--Ottawa Citizen

"Bill 10 will hurt licensed child care"

ADCO Operations Manager Predicts More Licensed Centres Will Close

October 27, 2014 --CFRA am, Ottawa

Rob Show Show

ADCO Operations Manager Explains Why Bill 10 Won't Make Children Any Safer

October 20, 2014--CTV News Kitchener 

"Day Care Centres Shutting Down"

ADCO board member explains how government FDK program is forcing centre closures and limiting parental choice.

August 30, 2013--Toronto Star"Full-day Kindergarten Forces Closure of Avenue Rd. Day Care"ADCO board member explains how government program undermines the viability of  licensed child care programs

July 23, 2013--CHTV News"Day Care Concerns"ADCO board member helps parents understand the difference between licensed and unlicensed child care.

May 22, 2013--TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin"Child care in a full-day kindergarten world"ADCO Co-President Wendy Marshall participates in a panel discussion, helping parents understand the difference between licensed child care and the government's school-based kindergarten program.

April 12, 2012--QP Briefing"Day Care Spaces No Cure-All: ADCO"ADCO Government Relations Committee Chair explains challenges facing licensed child care programs, as a result of Government's full-day JK/SK initiative.


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