January 26, 2020--Toronto Sun

"Province Needs To Optimize Childcare Investments"

ADCO offers suggestions for creating more licensed spaces at lower cost

July 28, 2019--Toronto Sun

"More child care centres in schools won't help parents"

ADCO explains how outdated Provincial policies make child care more expensive and harder to find

May 12, 2019--Toronto Sun

"Municipal waste drives up child care costs"

ADCO explains how some municipalities waste the taxpayer dollars allocated to child care

May 7,

"Want quality child-care in Simcoe County? You'll wait, experts say"

ADCO board member offers insight into the need for Provincial child care reform

February 3, 2019--Toronto Sun

"Time to restore child care choice"

ADCO explains why the Liberal FDK program must go and offers a viable alternative

October 18, 2018--Toronto Sun

"City policy leaves hundreds of daycare spots unfilled, say private operators"

ADCO explains how families get hurt when the City plays favourites

August 24, 2018--National Post

"A daycare expelled this B.C. couple's four-year-old son after he accused staff of hitting him"

ADCO board member offers insight into rarity of day care expulsions

March 22, 2018--Toronto Sun--Letters to the Editor

"Not Child's Play"

ADCO Operations Manager outlines the Wynne record on child care.

December 13, 2017--CTV News

"Daycare Services Raising Prices"

ADCO member explains challenges posed by Provincial funding cuts to licensed centres.

June 5, 2017--Huffington Post

"Why The Negativity Around For-Profit Child Care?"

ADCO stresses the importance of encouraging entrepreneurs in licensed child care.

December 15, 2016--Toronto Sun

"Child Care Costs Hit Canadian Wallets"

ADCO explains how municipal and Provincial policies drive up the cost of delivering licensed child care.

September 14, 2016--CTV News, Barrie

"Child Care Promise"

ADCO notes that recently announced Provincial funding will go further if independent licensed child care programs are included in Ministry's plan to create 100,000 new spaces by 2022.

August 3,

"Fees will soon be gone from child care waiting lists in Ontario, but spaces still too scarce and unaffordable"

ADCO offers reporter Mike Adler background on wait list fees and encourages Province to fast-track new license applications

February 25, 2016--CTV News, Barrie

"The future of child care"

The Government's new regulatory proposals could mean fewer spaces and higher fees warn day care owners

February 23, 2016--CTV News, Barrie

"Long wait lists and planning"

Shortage of infant, toddler and preschool spaces means families have to plan for child care several years ahead of time

June 23, 2015--National Post

"More than 'expensive day care'? Jury still out on whether Ontario's full-day kindergarten program has paid off"

Government's FDK roll-out resulted in centre closures says ADCO Operations Manager

November 14, 2014--Toronto Star

"Child care bill wrong-headed"

ADCO Operations Manager Cautions Against Municipal Veto on Child Care Licenses

November 10, 2014--CTV News Toronto

"Number of affordable day care spots shrinking as fees in GTA tops Canada"

ADCO member speaks out about how Government-run FDK put her out of business after 29 years

 November 6, 2014--Ottawa Citizen

"Bill 10 will hurt licensed child care"

ADCO Operations Manager Predicts More Licensed Centres Will Close

October 27, 2014 --CFRA am, Ottawa

Rob Show Show

ADCO Operations Manager Explains Why Bill 10 Won't Make Children Any Safer

October 20, 2014--CTV News Kitchener 

"Day Care Centres Shutting Down"

ADCO board member explains how government FDK program is forcing centre closures and limiting parental choice.

August 30, 2013--Toronto Star"Full-day Kindergarten Forces Closure of Avenue Rd. Day Care"ADCO board member explains how government program undermines the viability of  licensed child care programs.

July 23, 2013--CHTV News"Day Care Concerns"ADCO board member helps parents understand the difference between licensed and unlicensed child care.

May 22, 2013--TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin"Child care in a full-day kindergarten world"ADCO Co-President Wendy Marshall participates in a panel discussion, helping parents understand the difference between licensed child care and the government's school-based kindergarten program.

April 12, 2012--QP Briefing"Day Care Spaces No Cure-All: ADCO"ADCO Government Relations Committee Chair explains challenges facing licensed child care programs, as a result of Government's full-day JK/SK initiative.



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