Understanding Child Care Teaching Philosophies
One of the things that surprises many parents is the fact different child care programs may use different teaching philosophies, and take vastly different approaches to programming and activities for young children. While this can be confusing at first, it actually provides parents with an important advantage. This diversity allows you to choose a child care provider whose methods reflects your family's values and your child's unique personality. In our communication with government officials, ADCO always emphasizes the importance of preserving and encouraging this diversity, because we recognize that when it comes to child care, one size does not fit all.  ADCO has even published a book on this subject. Entitled Approaches to Early Years Learning: A Practical Guide for Parents and Professionals, the book is available for $10.00 and can be ordered by contacting ADCO at
Parenting Is About More Than Child Care
ADCO members understand that finding child care is only one of the many challenges facing today's parents. Working with families everyday, ADCO members often come across resources that are useful in addressing other issues. Whenever possible, we share them in our family-friendly web links section.

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